Write What You Feel

I hope everyone had a great Easter. This was my first holiday away from everyone I know so it was a little rough, but I decided to use all that time to write a new piece of music just for myself; something I haven’t been able to do in quite a while.

Art in general, whether it be painting, music or dance is a highly emotional medium. Works of art seem to take on a life and meaning of their own when the artist puts the powerful emotions they’re feeling into that piece of art. I wanted to do that with this piece. This weekend I was feeling some powerful emotions, namely sadness, love and hope. Rather than sit with those emotions, I wanted to pour them into this piece of music, and this work is the result. I recorded a 30 second sketch late Friday night and the piece was done by sunday evening. It felt really good to slave away at some music again. I hope you can hear the emotions I threw into it. This piece is entitled ‘Goodbye’.




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