The Seminar: UPDATED (With Video)

Today I spoke at the South Eastern Connecticut Film Group. They asked me to come in and speak about my journey to getting where I am now and also to give tips to filmmakers on why an original score is better than royalty free music and how to prepare your film for a composer so you get the most out of your music.  It was such a great group to talk to. I had a full room and everyone had some amazing questions and I felt honored that these people were taking someone as young as myself so seriously. It was a great discussion lasting two hours and it was filmed, so once I get the video, I’ll put it on this blog in case it could help anyone. I met some great people there and may have gotten a couple scoring jobs in the process. Overall it was such a great day and if my seminar helped anyone, then I’d call it a great success.

Other than that, I’ve been asked to score my first film that could be headed to Sundance. I’m so excited about this one. I can’t go into details on it yet, but the music should be really fun and a departure from my usual brand of music. I have a sample piece of music that I should also be able to post soon. So I’m definitely keeping busy until the move. It makes the time go by. I started sending emails to a couple composers just to touch base so I hope to hear back soon and see what the ‘weather’ is going to be like when I get out there.

Here’s a video of the seminar. I apologize for the poor quality. I had to greatly reduce the video quality to keep in within the file size restrictions on vimeo. Audio seems fine though. Enjoy!

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