The Phone Call

Today was a day just like any other. I woke up as late as my body would let me and planned for a nice, lazy day. Lauren was reading a book when I met her in the TV room, so I decided to play some games on my computer. Then my phone rang. It was a 310 number, so I knew it was from California, but I wasn’t expecting any calls. So I pick up and I hear “Hi Brenton? My name is Christian. I’m Rupert Gregson-Williams assistant.” So obviously my heart starts beating out of my throat. He told me that he had received my resume from Atli’s assistant and wanted to talk to me more. So I hung up. Of course I didn’t do that, he wanted to know a bit about me and what sort of things I had done.

I told Christian about playing piano and getting my degree and then moving on to local projects here in CT. Then I described my fellowship. He asked about my moving situation and finally wanted me to send him some of my songs for him and Rupert to take a look at. He said he’d pass the word along to Rupert and then they’d get back to me. So after coming down to earth, I processed all that had happened to me and got to picking out sample works that I hope will show them that I would be a good asset to them. After I had sent the sample songs out, I got another email from him. The email said that they were looking for someone to start next week because Christian was leaving, and because I wasn’t planning on getting to CA until August 14, they wouldn’t be able to consider me. End of story.

But wait. The only reason I was planning on leaving when I was was because I hadn’t heard from any composers needing a job out there, so I didn’t want to leave my friends and family earlier than I had to. But if there was a job on the line, I would definitely come right out if needed. So I emailed that back to them, and within seconds of my sending the email, Christian was on the phone with me again. He said that it was very bold of me to just be willing to come right out if needed, and bold is good if you want a good position. At that he starting describing the job. He said that first and foremost I would be a tech guy. I would make sure that the computers are running, and I would install software and make sure everything goes smoothly on the computer front. Then I would be setting up recording gear for live instrumentals and dealing with orchestral directors and music engravers as most of Rupert’s music is recorded with a live orchestra!  Then he said I would also be writing as Rupert is too busy to do everything himself, and it would be credited writing, meaning I would be in the credits of films right away! He did say that starting out I’d be working 10-14 hour days sometimes 6 days a week, but that it’s so rewarding and nothing beats working for such a big name composer.

Impressed that I’m willing to do all this, he said he was going to set up a video chat with Rupert (who is in London right now) for tomorrow, and that will serve as my in person interview! So within the next 24 hours my life could be changed forever and within days I could be on my way to start my dream job.

Of course there’s always the chance that the will go with someone else, but this is the closest I’ve ever come to a job this big…or a job at all in this field, so I can’t help but be so excited. And it’s all moving so fast. From playing games on the couch to planning the rest of my life in a matter of hours. It’s crazy.

So I went and downloaded some of Rupert’s music on iTunes and it’s just the style I love to write myself! I feel like if given this job I could learn so much from him. So I’m on pins and needles and my phone is on loud and will let you know the results as soon as I get them!

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