The Hunt for John Powell

So I’m two months away from my move to CA and I wanted to take this time to start contacting composers to see who may have a need for assistants come the time I get out there. I have the names I got from my fellowship, but there’s no such thing as too many contacts and there’s no harm in aiming high (as long as you’re not afraid to have nothing come of it). So I want to do children’s music and why shouldn’t I try to work with my favorite children’s composers?

Top of my list is John Powell. He does some of the best children’s music, and music in general out there right now and I would be the happiest person on earth if I was given a chance to work with him. So I am beginning a quest to find him. Not in a creepy, stalker sort of way, but as a major goal in life. I feel that I could learn so much by what he brings to his music that I would be a fool not to try. So today I began sending emails and asking questions on how do you contact the people you want to work with in the industry. Seeing as how everyone knows everyone else right there, hopefully through the ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ one of the people that I know, may know how to contact him. It’s a long shot, but any dream is worth a reach every now and again. So I begin today. I have no idea where this may take me, and it may lead me to a job with someone I hadn’t even expected, but any movement is good movement right now. Wish me luck!

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