The City of Angels

I’ve made it to my final destination for the next six weeks, and getting there was quite a challenge. I flew from Seattle to Salt Lake City and had only a 30 minute layover to get to my connecting flight. Someone left their cellphone in the terminal so we took off 15 minutes late. When we arrived in Utah, I had 10 minutes to run through 4 terminals to get to my plane, so I consider that my exercise for the day. After we landed in Burbank I took a taxi to my apartment. Turns out that the apartment is broken into two buildings more than a block from each other and the taxi driver took me to the wrong one. But I found a map and hoofed it to the second building. It’s a very nice place here. Courtyard with a fish pond, nice area of town and a 3 room place all to myself. I unpacked and having not eaten all day went in search for food.

About two blocks down the street is a CVS where I picked up a new toothbrush and soap, etc. and then maybe a 3 minute walk from there is a supermarket. I picked up a few things for dinner (cranberry juice and mac and cheese). I checked Google Maps to see where I need to go on monday and it’s only a mile walk in a straight line to get to Mike Post’s studio. So now I’m here and there’s only one full day left standing between me and all the things to come.

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