Squeeze Pods

The weeks following my seminar have been full of projects and I’m finally starting to cross some thing off my list. One of them is a web commercial for a new product called Squeeze Pods. Our little film studio was asked to create the quick demonstration for the website to introduce the project. I called in one of my best friends, Lauren Marston to lend her hands for the video. I also got to do a bit of music for the demo. This will be good practice for me, especially if Jack Bradley is able to get some commercial jobs for me once I’m out in LA.

The music for this little video is obviously very different from my usual film-styled music as it has to sound like what you’d hear on television commercials today. Overall I’m very happy with the music. We did 4 versions of the video and what I did was make the music scalable. What that means is I can easily chop the music into smaller bits that still make sense to use in shorter commercials so I don’t have to write completely new music. The other great thing was that some of the demos I sent off are a few seconds longer than the first one (I wrote the music to the first one) but my scoring software allows me to change the tempo. So rather than writing new music again, I can just make the music a touch slower to have it match up with the new length so that was a real time-saver for me. I have the first Squeeze Pod commercial attached below.

In other news, I’ve been asked to do a spoof soundtrack for a parody on Ancestry.com. I’ve just finished the music today and sent it off to be evaluated. If it looks okay, I’ll be able to post that as well, so stay tuned!

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