This week I was asked to write some music for a 15 second Bailey’s Creamer commercial. The commercial is a very visual experience displaying the blending of the creamer with the coffee. So for this commercial, the agency wanted more of a soundscape. A soundscape is a piece of music that blurs the line between music and sound effects. The agency didn’t want to go full out soundscape, but wanted a very textural piece of music with only a hint of melody. Some could have a rhythm attached to it, but they were looking for a very clean and modern sound. I’ve never done a soundscape or anything close to one, so I was excited for the opportunity to try it out.

I used a plugin for Logic called Sculpture. It’s a synth engine that lets you build your own sounds. The interface is very visual based so you can see what you’re doing to the sound, hence the name.

This would also be one of the first times I’ve used synths since the dreaded hip-hop main title I did for Mike Post. This one was actually fun, as I was able to blend synths with traditional sounds for a unique feel. I did 5 versions of this commercial and I think I may want to incorporate some electronic elements into future projects now. I hope you enjoy these.


      Baileys 1


      Baileys 2


      Baileys 3


      Baileys 4


      Baileys 5

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