Some News

Yesterday was the SENE Festival in Providence, RI. My family and my friend Nicole who acted in the film drove up in the morning for the festival. We met up with other members of our cast and crew who came to support our film being accepted in the festival. Our film was to show first on the 3:30 block of short films. 4 other films showed with ours. We got such a great crowd reaction and they really seemed to get into the story. I was really happy with everything and proud of all the work everyone put into the project that took it this far. If that project, made on zero budget got this good a reaction, I’m looking forward to what our next one will be like.

Today I got a call from Frank, who did sound on our film. He told me a filmmaker in CT he knows is working on a pretty ambitious film that he plans to debut at the Sundance Festival. The film shoots end of May and the director would like me to consider scoring the film when it’s ready. Frank will be sending the script to me soon to look over as well as the links to his other work so I can get a feel for the other projects he’s worked on. I’m excited to see what kind of project this is. Hopefully this work will keep me busy until I hear from whoever will give me a permanent composing job.

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