New Commercials and a Fan Film

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus lately. I recently got a job at the Apple Store to make ends meet until something happens with the music. It’s such an amazing place to work. Apple really takes care of its employees and it’s filled with people just like me. So many of my co-workers are in the film, TV or music industry and are in the same place I am, so we all have that in common. Many of them know I do music and I am already in the process of collaborating on a few of their projects. I’m very excited to see where that leads.

This week ended up being an unexpectedly busy week for music. I was asked to write for an Ace Hardware and a McDonalds commercial. I hope I get picked for one of those. So far none of my tracks have been picked for the recent commercials. It’s such a competitive field. I’m sure that once I get my first, I’ll know what sells and I can do a better job of writing what they want to hear.

I also was asked to write a sample track for a small production company doing a fan film on Harry Potter. They’re looking for someone who can replicate the feel of John Williams. No one can ever come close to the real thing, but I had never tried to replicate his sound, so I was eager for the challenge. I did a small test track today and feel pretty good about this as a first draft. Have a listen!


      Harry Potter


Other than that, my secret Disney project takes a huge leap forward next sunday, so in a week or two, I will be able to reveal the project to you all. I know you haven’t heard from me lately, but keep on tuning in. Things will be happening very soon!

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