Minor Updates

One thing that Danny Lux told me when I visited him in LA was that knowing more than one instrument can help with one’s composing as it forces you to look at music from a different perspective. So with that in mind, last week I bought a guitar so that I could start teaching myself how to play. It came in recently and one thing is clear at the moment: I’m pretty terrible at guitar. Playing piano as long as I’ve been have made my fingers used to making certain shapes so this will be a long process, but a worthy one I hope. So far I know how to play E and G chords. It’s slow going, but it’s progress.

Colleen form Mike Post’s got back to me with a new BMI contact that may be able to get me in touch with some more composers to network with. I need to build as many contacts as possible so I can jump right in when I get to LA. I’ll be calling this person tomorrow and see what that brings me. Brandon (Mike’s assistant composer) also got back to me a few days ago and mentioned he may have a lead or two for a show on FX that needs music, so I’m eager to hear what happens there.

Today I sent out a couple new emails. First, I emailed the person at BMI that I met with in January to see if she may be able to help me network. I hope she gets back to me. Second, I managed to find the email of Alan Menken (Tangled) so I took a risk and emailed him to see if I can start up a conversation with Alan. It’s a huge longshot, but hey, the worst that could happen is I never hear back, so there’s no point not to try.

So I’m doing everything I can and hope something takes hold. I’ve got just over a month before making my move to the west coast, so I’m crossing my fingers that I get some work back before I get out there. That will make this whole thing a lot less scary.

One thought on “Minor Updates

  1. marco frucht

    If you were young or new to music I’d say learn A and B next to enjoy the Kinks and Neil Diamond style build up of tension. But I’m thinking learn Em and Am next.

    You’ll thank me later. ;)


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