Media Woes

Here is the finished product for Ansel’s project. I’m very pleased with how it turned out. I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about tempo. Now Mike told me way in the beginning that tempo was the most important thing you could do with music for picture. Boy was he right. I edited this film with no idea what the music was going to be like. When I sat down to write the music, I could hear a tempo in my head. Once I started writing, I realized that I unconsciously picked a tempo that lined up with every beat I wanted to hit in the video without needing to tweak the picture! It was incredible how right Mike was that if a composer can pick up on the implied tempo of the video, then your music will be so successful.

The other thing I did on this little project was play around with the virtual positioning of the instruments using microphones. The software I use allows me to choose any of 3 mics (a close mic, a mic on the stage, and a mic in the ‘audience’) to ‘place’ the sound in the room. Once the strings come in in my piece, they were too muddy and hard to hear. I added the close mic position to it, and they became so much clearer. Overall I’m very happy with this video and I hope you enjoy it.


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