It’s Been A While

So let me fill you in. Last I left off, I was waiting to hear if I had gotten a job with Rupert Gregson-Williams. After a few days of back and forth phone calls and a couple very tense days of waiting, it turns out that I did not get the job. What it came down to was that Rupert had just been signed to a few films at once and needed someone who already knew his equipment, rather than someone to train. It was a bit of a bummer, but getting this close to such a huge job before I even got out to California I take as a good sign. The other good bit was that my moving schedule was back to normal. If I had gotten the job, I would have had to leave the day I heard and booked it as fast as I could to LA. So things slowed down and I was able to have a wonderful last couple of weeks with my friends and family. Those weeks moved so quickly though and before I knew it, it was my last weekend in Connecticut.

During that week, I had one more meeting with Jack Bradley, who does much of the commercial music you see on TV. We had a great talk and he started an email chain to set me up with some of the people he knows in LA. Those people, he says, know many of the composers at Remote Control doing film scoring and may have commercials that they could give me to score. This is all extremely exciting as networking like this is always a good thing and being able to make some money potentially doing commercials while I hunt for more composing jobs is perfect. This meeting made me feel like I was at least going out to the west coast with something to do. We had a gathering a couple days before and so many of my friends showed up to give me a fantastic goodbye. After the party, I packed and the idea that I was leaving home really sunk it. On the day I left, I said goodbye to my family and then saw my best friends one last time. It was so hard to have to leave them, but some of them are considering moving to CA themselves too, so I think in the long run we will all be together again. So Lauren and I set off on what would be an amazing road trip.

I’ll spare the details of the trip for now, as Lauren is putting together a wonderful video/slideshow of the journey. It took us 6 days and 3608 miles of driving to get out there with stops in North Carolina, Memphis, TN, Oklahoma City, Holbrook, AZ and a day with my uncle in Wittmann AZ. The drive was easier than expected and extremely beautiful. I recommend a road trip to anyone who just wants to see all the landscapes this country can offer. So on Friday, August 12 at 10:30pm, we arrived in Huntington Beach, California; my new home. It’s surreal to think that I live hear now, but here I am and now my quest to write film music for a living can begin in earnest. I’m still unpacking and sorting everything out, but I’ve already started sending a few emails.

My first goal is to meet up with Jack Bradley’s contacts, as they may be able to get me working the quickest, not to mention may have some contacts that I’ve been looking to get in touch with. This will hopefully get me writing music fast and maybe give me a little income so I don’t have to work retail while I meet with other composers who may be interested in hiring me.

So I’m sorry for the long gap between posts, but start checking back more often. Now that I’m here and nearly settled, I should be able to get back in to a normal blogging rhythm.

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