Having Balls in the Air

Before I left, I tried to get as many paths going so that maybe one avenue would pay off. I had my meeting with Jack Bradley about the commercials that would at least get me writing again. I’ve been in contact with Brandon, Mike’s assistant composer, as well as other composers in California. Finally, I still have the meeting to schedule with BMI. I was banking on something happening soon, and something has.

This wednesday I have a meeting with Birgit Roberts and Paul, Jack Bradley’s partners on the west coast for the commercials they do music for. I’ll be meeting them in Santa Monica as a first step. Jack told me they have a lot of composing contacts at Remote Control, Hans Zimmers studio, and wanted to give me some trial commercials to see if I could do some work for them. I’m excited that things are moving so fast already. Just 3 days in California and I’ve got a meeting with something that would be great experience, have lots of networking potential and could give me a paycheck to get things started. That’s all I know for now on that front.

Also, I was able to get my mobile rig set up to complete another draft of the sci-fi short I’m doing for Jake Wynne. I’m working on the final minute of music for it. I had received notes for it that the music needed to be a bit more vulnerable so I made some changes. I’ll be emailing it out to him this week and I think we’re nearing a final draft soon. His notes are getting much more specific now which tells me I have the general feel he wants, and now we’re getting into the nitty-gritty.

I haven’t even been here a week and things are looking up. I can’t wait to see what happens when things really pick up.

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