End Credits

Hey everyone. Thought I’d give you a sneak peak at some of the music for 3 Day Test. As of today, all the music is finished. About 5 minutes ago I just sent off the opening credits. Originally, we were going to use a source cue (not my music) to open the film, but last minute the team changed their mind, which is why I wrote the opening music last. At first, they asked for sentimental and slow, so I wrote a piece of music that I liked a lot. Things shifted a bit this afternoon, and they instead told me to write a new piece of Jingle Bells that sounded like something you were hear on the radio in the 50s and 60s. I just finished writing that piece, but I was left with this nice and slow Christmas tune and nowhere to put it.

Well, the end credits haven’t been finished yet, so I haven’t yet written that music. It’s funny how things move around in a film, because the first montage song that I already posted is now going to be the beginning of the end credits, and the original opening credits piece I wrote this morning is now going to wrap up the film. Confusing, right? Hope I’ve got it all straight.

This (now) end credits song was a fun one to write. The overarching melody is something original I came up with, and has sprinkles of the theme of the film thrown in it. But I also included bits of as many Christmas songs as I could fit into it, making a very interesting sounding song. See if you can pick them all out. I hope you enjoy it.


      3 Day Test End Credits


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