Day Before LA

Tomorrow I get one step closer to the fellowship, which starts on Monday! For christmas my parents gave me money for new clothes. I wanted to buy some new outfits for this trip. Colleen, the secretary for Mike Post told me that it’s extremely casual there, and not to stress the clothing, but I still wanted to get some nice clothes in the middle ground between business and casual. A friend of mine here in Seattle, Sarah, offered to help me find the right clothes because this is an area I know very little about. She and I went on a huge shopping spree across the city and I wound up with some great new outfits. I’m very excited about that.

So tomorrow my plane takes off for Burbank at 11:35am and I should be in my apartment by 5pm at the latest. I got all my confirmations about the room (sent to me by text message which I thought was funny) and I’m within walking distance of Mike Post Productions.

The exciting bit is that I got my final message from Colleen before meeting everyone in person. She told me that I should be there at 10am on Monday where Mike will be ‘spotting’ an upcoming episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.

Spotting is when the composer and creative people involved with the project decide where the music is going to be placed and what purpose it will have during the episode. So I’ll be able to watch an episode of Law and Order long before it airs or has music and potentially be involved in some way with the music process of the show.

There’s so little time left and I can’t wait. Next time you hear from me, I’ll be typing from Burbank, California.

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