Day 9: Progress

I woke up beat today. No idea why. I did my grocery shopping and got a wonderful care package from my parents: my GPS and mac and cheese. Now that’s a care package. I went into the studio in the afternoon and wrote a few more cues. Then I came home, took a nap and made dinner. I just got back to the apartment now after going in again tonight. I finished all my cues up to act 3. So now just 4 more cues stand between me and my critique by Mike Post. I’m in a weird place with this. Mike wants me to screw up so that he can teach me. I want to do what he says, but at the same time I want to nail it as proof to myself that I have what it takes to score a TV show right now. So we’ll see what happens. If I do extremely well on this episode, they may just move me to writing a main title, rather than another episode. I’ve never done anything like a main title before (except end credits, which is similar but still much different) so I hope I get to move on to that. That’s it for today. The calm before another storm of awesome.

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