Day 8: 2m1

We woke up early today. I had to get Lauren to the airport before going into work. As much fun and as amazing as this fellowship is, it was tough to see her go. Being able to share what makes you happy with someone makes it even better. From the airport I went straight to the studio. Mike was just getting in when I arrived. He asked me how things were coming with the equipment. I told him that they were going very well and I wrote a cue last night. He said that if I’m already at the point where I can write a cue, then I should write the whole episode. Originally I was only supposed to write a few cues, but he said that if I’m comfortable, then to go ahead with the whole thing. This week will be pretty quiet. We’re not getting another episode until next week, and the only thing happening is the meeting with Mike, Dick Wolf and John Yokum about the Law and Order: LA main title. So I’m up for the challenge.

I put 4 hours in this morning and got to the first cue of the second act, or 2m1. An act in the TV world is each segment of the show before a commercial break. The end of an act is actually written in and planned on, which is how TV shows end on the perfect cliffhanger before the commercial break. It’s all planned beforehand. While I was there, a package came for me. I hadn’t planned on any package so I opened it as fast as I could. The BMI Foundation had sent me a framed certificate for the Pete Carpenter Fellowship!

Better Picture Coming Soon!

Fully inspired, I continued scoring. Mike told me that he’d be there if I had any questions, but he wants to critique the whole episode once I’m finished, so I just kept on working. Later in the afternoon, Brandon came in to start repairing the slow computer in the studio. I played him the current cue I was working on. He said I nailed it. He said it’s not what Mike did for the scene, but that what I did definitely fits within the SVU feel and that he was impressed with my writing. So we talked about our weekends and then we got into the topic of Disney. I told him that I was trying to find an ‘in’ there and wondered if Mike knew anyone there. Brandon didn’t know outright, but he said he would see what he could do for me. He needed to kick me off for a bit to fix the computer so I headed for home. 

On the way out, Colleen stopped me to see if Mike had told me about Danny Lux. He’s the composer Mike’s going to send me to for a week. Danny started working as the low man on the pole for Mike when he was 17. Over the years he worked his way up and then started composing on his own. Now he’s working on some major projects.
Colleen is going to try to get me there within the next week or so seeing as how there isn’t an episode in house right now. Danny does a lot for ABC, which is owned by Disney, so maybe Danny knows some people who could get me an interview. Baby steps towards Disney! So this week is looking fantastic. New people to meet, scoring SVU episodes and making contacts. Can’t get better than that!

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