Day 7: ‘Lazy’ Day

So we woke up today and ate breakfast, then took a walk. But walks in Burbank are not like normal walks. First we did a loop around Disney Studios who own an entire city block down here, passed ABC along the way, and came up behind NBC before getting back to the apartment. It was so cool to see the place where all the Disney stuff goes down and I hope someday I’ll be invited past the gate. To be a composer for Disney is like this free pass to anything you want to do with limitless paths to more work. You could start out scoring for Disney commercials then move to TV shows. From there, you could do shows for ABC because Disney owns them. Then you could move on to Disney original movies (the ones that air on TV) and eventually actual Disney films. From there you have the resume to pretty much go wherever you want or move on to say, PIXAR. So that was a great walk.

After that we had lunch and went to the park for a bit of reading. Then dinner, watched some of the Golden Globes, and then went in to the studio. I did a bit of a practice cue just to see if I could approximate Mike’s sound, and I think I did okay. It’s not perfect yet, but it’s getting there. To compare, I loaded up the upcoming episode of SVU, airing this wednesday to see how I did, so Lauren got a tiny sneak peek of the newest episode. Now we’re back and laying low. Lauren leaves tomorrow morning. I have so much exciting stuff happening next week, but it will still be hard to see her go.

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