Day 6: Hollywood

So this morning Lauren and I got ready for our trip to Hollywood. We got on Hollywood Blvd. a little after noon and found some parking. Then we got to walking. We looked at all the stars on the walkway and just took it all in. We could see the Hollywood sign and we found the famous Chinese theater where Star Wars and Indiana Jones and pretty much every major film premieres. We also walked around in the Kodak Theater where they hold the Oscars. Then we went to the El Capitan theater to see Tron: Legacy. So we got our tickets, which at the time seemed a little overpriced. Once inside we are greeted by one of the light bikes from the movie so that was pretty cool. The theater itself is very nice so we took our seats. Then this guy came out with a microphone and welcomed everyone there. We were all given a raffle ticket and a winner was chosen at random. This guy won two tickets to Disney. Then he said to put our 3D glasses on for the previews, and then take them off again for the laser light show. What?! So we do that, than this 10 minute laser show starts which was spectacular! Smoke fills the room and then all these lasers do a show to music and this big disk from Tron comes out of the floor and then lasers spell the word ‘Tron’ at the end so of course we all go crazy and then the movie starts, which was really great. On the way out there was another cool prop from the movie. By that point we had been walking around all day (pictures to come soon) so we headed home.

We ate dinner and then I took Lauren to Mike’s studio. I got to show her what I was working on and I programmed the last cues that I’m going to be doing for my SVU practice episode. It was really great to have her there and show her what it’s like in a professional setting. We only stayed for an hour. Now we’re home and exhausted so we’re calling it a night early. Nothing at all is happening at the studio tomorrow, so we’re going to the beach and then I’m going in at night to record a couple practice cues to prepare for the real thing on monday. I’m pretty excited.

The man who does all the Disney films

The famous Grauman’s Chinese Theater

Robin William’s cement block

All the posts in the Kodak Theater have every best picture on them

The stairs leading up to where the Oscars are held

Lightbike used in the film

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