Day 5: Episodes and Airplanes

I slept in today. Little if anything was supposed to happen today until the new cut of the episode came in. I killed time and worked on some personal projects. It was 76 degrees today so I had lunch and took a walk to the park, and a good book in hand. Ender’s Shadow if you were wondering. Lauren’s plane didn’t land until 6, so I decided to go into the studio just to see what Brandon and Dave were up to. When I got in, the only person there was Dan the accountant. He said no one had been in all day, so I have no idea what’s going to happen to the episode seeing as it’s due tomorrow morning. So I used that time to get more familiar with the gear. Tonight I watched the episode (without music of course) that I’m going to score next week. Very dramatic. I have the list of where all the cues are for that episode, so I started programming them into ProTools. Then I played around with Logic and Mike’s setup trying to replicate his sound and style a little. I didn’t record anything today, but I may do a little test tomorrow or sunday.

After that I went to the airport to pick up Lauren. Bob Hope is a tiny little airport and it was easy to find. Lauren arrived and it was so good to see her. We took off back for my apartment, but it was the first time for me driving in the dark here, so a lot of the landmarks I use I couldn’t find. We got a little lost, but in our lost-ness we found Warner Brothers Studios and NBC. Then we started to get our bearings and we found a lot to turn around in. Turns out that lot was Walt Disney Studios! We pulled up and the security guard at the gate greeted us. I told him we made a wrong turn and asked if we could pull through to turn around. His response? “There are no wrong turns here.” The perfect thing to hear when you stumble on Disney Studios. So that made me want to work for them even more.

We finally made it home, got some dinner and are settling in for the night. Tomorrow we go visit Hollywood and anything else we can find and then I get to show Lauren the studio. So that’s it for now. Until tomorrow!

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