Day 40: Final Title

40 days. Wow. I can’t believe it’s been that long. I swear I’ve only been here like 2 weeks. Today was a cold, rainy day so I devoted it to my final main title. This one I feel will be my most challenging and least effective main title. The concept is cool, but it puts me into a style that I know nothing about the writing, or even the listening aspect of. The story is this:

A gang banger living in LA. He grew up on the streets in a violent gang. Never went to prison or killed anyone, but saw things that would change a person. He decides to leave that life behind and joins a ministry, becoming a priest and a teacher. He devotes his life to helping inner city kids. It’s a really cool concept. The music is supposed to be a hip-hop base layered with religious music on top.

I love the idea of putting a church-type tune to a modern beat, but I’ve never even listened to hip-hop or urban music, so it’s going to be extremely hard to imitate. The afghanistan piece was a little easier because I at least have a working knowledge of how a rock song is put together, but hip-hop is like an alien language to me. So I spent most of the day just listening to the hip-hop/urban channel on Pandora radio to immerse myself in the music. I picked up some general guidelines on what is commonly found on these types of songs. By the end of the day I managed to put an intro and beat pattern down that I don’t hate. So I’ll have this title down tomorrow, but I’m not expecting anything spectacular here. I’m really happy to have this challenge, to get me this far out of my comfort zone, and learning different styles of music (even ones I don’t particularly care for) is an incredibly valuable skill to have, so I’ll do my best. I’m sure that if I needed to do this kind of title often, I will get better, but for all of you listening to my titles, understand that this is a crude first attempt, so I’m expecting this to be my least powerful of the 4. I have nothing to do tomorrow except work on the title, so I should have it up before sunday rolls around.

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