Day 39: Last Effective Day

I went in this morning and met up with Mike, Brandon and Dave. They were finishing up the primary writing for the newest SVU episode before they go on a 3 week break. Apparently the filming and writing crew got behind in New York so they need time to catch up. Once Mike finished his writing, he had to prepare for a trip. Before that, Suzi came in to take our picture. It took a couple of takes to get right.

Note Dave in the window
Take Two

After the picture I talked to Mike about joining the SCL so I can go to this Oscar party. He actually advised me against it. He told me that the Oscar party would be a lot of fun but networking is never usually done there, so yes I’d meet some amazing composers, but nothing would really come from it. He also said for what I need to pay to be a member, I would actually get more by networking through the working composers I’ve already met through this fellowship. So on the one hand I’m bummed that I won’t be going to the party, I’m glad that I was able to avoid a road that may not have led anywhere.

After that I hung out with Brandon and Dave. The studio isn’t open on monday, so with the exception of seeing Mike and Dave on sunday, this is really my last day with everyone. So I made sure to talk to everyone and say goodbye and I was told that I’m welcome to come back and visit anytime. Brandon gave me all of his information and said that we need to hang out when I move out here, so although it’s sad to think that my time is just about done here, I’ll be back seeing these wonderful people in no time. I showed Brandon and Dave my modified main titles with the live recordings added and they loved them. They think Mike will really enjoy these titles and give me a lot of good contacts for the future on sunday. After that I spent the day at the apartment laying low and trying to shake this cold I have. But I do have the two main titles for you all to listen to. Number 3 is the whaling title, and number 4 is the one about the child battling leukemia. Hope you enjoy them.

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  1. Mike B.

    Time to break my commenting silence
    I am obsessed with Main Title 4
    I’m pretty sure I know exactly what the opening sequence looks like


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