Day 38: BMI

Today was very full of stuff. This morning I woke up feeling awful. Sneezing, sore throat and a sore jaw. I thought I had a sinus infection as there was some nasty stuff going around the studio the last few days. I went to the doctor to be safe and it turns out I have a simple cold so I’m going to live I think. I had lunch and took to trip to Sunset Boulevard where BMI’s LA offices are located. I was let in and met with Anne Cecere. First she congratulated me and wanted to know what I’ve been up to with Mike. After telling my story she asked how I got to this point and what my plans are for the future. At that point I told her that I want to get into childrens music. She got very excited, telling me that very few people do that kind of music anymore but it’s such powerful music. So the first thing she did was sign me up. I am now officially a member of BMI under the writer category. I should be getting my welcome package soon. I’m very excited about that. The other thing she told me was if I can, I need to join the Society for ¬†Composers and Lyricists right away. The SCL gives access in New York and LA to A-List movie screening where the composer is there to network and ask answer questions about the score. That alone is worth the sign up. The hitch is that you need to have either 20 minutes of credited TV cues, 4 assistant composer credits for films, or 1 composer credit for a film. I need to call them to find out if short films count. The reason I need to do this so badly is because if I can become a SCL member, Anne will get me a ticket to the pre-Oscar party next weekend! I’ll be able to go and meet all the composer who have anything to do with the Oscars. She knows for a fact that Alan Menken himself will be there because Tangled is nominated for an award, so this is a huge huge deal and I’ll do anything I need to to get there.

Once I got back, Brandon called me and told me some time freed up today, so we did all the live recording for my main titles. He is one heck of a guitar player and did some amazing things for both my pieces. He even made the title about Leukemia so much better than I thought it would be. We recorded 2 separate guitars as a stereo double, meaning one guitar comes out of the right speaker, and the other from the left. Then we recorded a third high strung guitar on top and it created this beautiful sound. I can’t wait to fill out the piece now. Brandon and Dave absolutely loved my whaling title. They said in their opinion it’s one of the best main titles they’ve ever heard a Pete Carpenter do, so that made me feel on top of the world. So tomorrow I’m going in to talk to Mike about what I can do to ensure I get in to the SCL and then get my BMI picture taken, and then I’m off to finish my main titles. I don’t know what to say about everything, so I’ll just say goodnight.

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