Day 35: Old Friends

Today Graham, an old friend of mine from high school came to visit me today. He’s living out here in LA now and it was really great to catch up with him and get some insights about this place, as it’s going to be my home in a few shorts months. We did lunch and then I gave him a tour of the studio, and it was really great to show him what I’ve been up to. So we hung for a few hours, caught up and agreed to meet up again when I come out here for good. Other than that, I decided to take today off. I was absolutely beat after my all day marathon last night making my second main title. Tomorrow my goal is to sketch out the next two that I need to do, because those will incorporate live guitar, so I need to prepare those and schedule a recording time with Brandon. I need to finish a main title every 2 days to meet my deadline, so I have my work cut out for me. Now it’s time to sleep.

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