Day 34: Second Main Title

I didn’t leave my apartment today. Happy with my last main title and very eager to begin the next one, from the moment I woke up until not too long ago I’ve been working on my second main title. This one takes place in present day Afghanistan following a 7 man Ranger platoon. The platoon is mixed race but every man is an American. The music is supposed to be “Badass, aggressive and contemporary”. With that to go on, I proceeded to write.

I knew I wanted to incorporate some Middle Eastern elements and I landed on using a Middle Eastern violin, Oun (like a dulcimer) and a solo vocalist. Then it was time to try my hand at a style I have never once written – contemporary rock. This was an interesting but necessary challenge to overcome if I want to be well rounded as a composer. Of course I added some orchestral ‘me’ flair, but I really enjoyed doing this one. I also put in a military trumpet call to tie it together. Overall I’m very pleased with this new title and am happy to have gotten a second one done in such short order. This new video I added a little extra. This time you can see what the music looks like in the program I use to compose. Up top are the lines that the virtual instruments play, and down below is the mixing window. Hope you enjoy.

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