Day 33: First Main Title

I have a lot to report today. I went into the studio today and Brandon and Dave were setting up a showing of the Law and Order: LA main title they’ve been working on for Dick Wolf (creator of Law and Order) who was coming in to discuss what needed to be done with it. The reason everyone is being so picky about this main title is because a lot is riding on this show and they want everything to be perfect. This show didn’t do too well when it started so it was cancelled, and then rebooted with a new team, new cast, everything. So Dick came in and he had to get right to business so I didn’t speak with him but it was cool to see who created one of the most successful shows ever. He and Mike went into his office and I went out to wait until the meeting was over.

While I was waiting I spoke with Colleen about how my fellowship is almost over and we marveled at how fast this thing is moving. She was also getting all the paperwork in order for Mike, who is headed to the Grammy’s soon. Just another routine day for everyone at the office, but crazy over my head. I also got a call from Anne Cecere over at BMI and my meeting with them is this coming wednesday. I have no idea what’s going to happen at that meeting, but I’m very excited for it.

After the meeting we all met up in the studio room where Mike was going to play a few new guitar parts into the song as per Dick’s notes. Then he took us to lunch. We went to this little hole in the wall place that I didn’t even see a name on but they all knew Mike and served some great food. Mike was talking about his trip to Las Vegas yesterday. I didn’t even know he went anywhere, but I guess he did. He went to Vegas to speak to the cast of Cirque de Soleil who is performing the Elvis show right now. Apparently Mike either worked with or knew Elvis in some way so he met with the director and cast and spoke about what he was like. Just something else Mike did that blows my mind. He said those are some of the best performers on planet earth and he’s never been to a show where his jaw didn’t drop. We then came back and did some more music. Mike had a phone call and Brandon took out his guitar and starting playing some absolutely beautiful stuff that he wrote. He told me he’d play for my main titles if I wanted so obviously I said yes. One thing he played I think will fit in perfectly in one of them.

So I went home to let the guys work and worked on my own main title. This is the doctor during the French revolution one. So I worked nonstop and now I have a rough draft ready for display. I’m going to mix it better once I get it to the studio, but this is a good start. So let me explain my mindset while writing this thing.

It needed to sound period to a degree so I only used traditional orchestra instruments for this. The first two bars of the piece are reminiscent of the opera that I used for inspiration. The trumpet call in the beginning was taken directly from that. The second two bars are the minor version of the French National Anthem that was very important during that period. After that I envisioned what I thought the video portion would look like, and scored to that:

A Section: You see a French flag and scenes from the war. We then see the doctor in his regal clothing at a high class meeting, then kneeling in front of the King when the music gets huge. Then he leaves and we see he’s actually a revolutionary plotting something.

B Section: The music stays operatic but incorporates more folk instruments as we see the doctor tending to the poor, and in the second half of the B section, we see the doctor moving back into the upper class world as he prepares to make his move.

2nd A section (A Prime): It’s the same theme as the beginning but only huge, incorporating more brass and battle drums as the revolution comes into the forefront of the opening montage.

So that’s what was in my head while writing this main title. I’d love to hear what anyone else thinks as you listen to my first of 5 main titles.


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