Day 31 Part 2: My Cues

So here they are. These are my cues for the 3 episodes I’ve done. I picked ones that Mike had comments on (except the ones he hasn’t heard yet). So you’ll be able to see my progress over the weeks. Without further ado, here they are

Note: While the music is my own, these videos are owned by NBC and cannot be downloaded, copied or shown anywhere other than this site. These clips are intended only for demonstration purposes only and are a part of my Demo Reel for the Pete Carpenter Fellowship under the instruction of Mike Post.

This is from my first episode ‘Mask’. Mike was happy with the suspense element I added to this cue.

This is the Techno Sound Effects cue that I wrote. It is to simulate what the characters are hearing.

This is a cue from my second episode ‘Flight’. This is the one Mike said he liked better than the one he used.

These are a few cues from my final episode ‘Spectacle’.

I hope you enjoy them. I will post my main title once it is finished before my fellowship ends.

One thought on “Day 31 Part 2: My Cues

  1. ejj1955


    I’m a friend of your mom and was actually looking to see if she had a FB page when I came across yours and thus your blog. Have read the whole thing–I’m so happy for your success and the opportunities you’re having. Probably haven’t seen you for eight or ten years, but even then this is where you were headed. Best of luck!



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