Day 30: Calm Before the Storm

Nothing really to report today. I went into the studio after lunch. Colleen, Suzie and Dan were there, but no Mike, Brandon or Dave. So I used that time to export all the video and my cues from the 3 episodes that I did onto my computer. Now I have everything so I can put together a reel of some of my cues and post them on the blog. That has to wait until at least tomorrow because my reel has cues from an episode that doesn’t air until tomorrow.

So it looks like tomorrow everything explodes. First at 10am I’m headed to the studio where we’re going to try to squeeze in my review before they start working on next weeks episode. Then it’s off to see Robert where who knows what will happen. Then when I get back (if I believe I’m in reality or not) I’ll post some of my cues. Here’s to whatever tomorrow brings.

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