Day 3: Getting the Hang of Things

Pretty small day today. Mike is away until monday but the SVU episode is due on friday. So here’s what’s going on. Mike already wrote all the music for the episode, but the show isn’t finalized yet. We just got another draft of the show today, so much of the timing of the music is now off. To add to that, some scenes are being reshot, so even after we fix all the new changes, more are coming. Brandon and Dave told me depending on who is editing the episode, sometimes the show goes through one revision, sometimes five. What we discovered today was the first 2 cues (a cue is anytime there is a piece of music in a scene) will remain unchanged through to the final cut of the episode, so we mixed those and Brandon had to write a tiny 12 second third cue that was added last minute. Brandon steps in as the assistant composer when Mike isn’t around.

When those changes were finished we broke for lunch and came back to then bounce the tracks we did. Bouncing is when you turn each cue into a finished audio file that can be sent to the studio for use. Then the guys showed me more on the mixing board and equipment. I was supposed to start going in to the studio beginning tonight but one of the computers is acting up, so until we solve that problem or until after this episode is finished, that has to wait.

I did find out that Mike did a score to the pilot episode of the show ‘Castle’ currently on FOX. Mike couldn’t do the whole show so he recommended the current composer to the studio. I’m mentioning this because the guys are going to let me listen to that pilot with Mike’s music. This will be such a cool experience to watch an episode of TV scored by two different composers to see how each interpreted the show in their own way. I’m really excited for that.

Other than that, not too much happened today with the computer trouble and all. On another note, this Friday, Lauren is going to come visit me for the weekend. It should be a lot of fun. I mentioned it to the guys at the studio and they told me that she is welcome to come in to the studio with me when I’m working this weekend. So now she can see the world I’ll be living in for the next five weeks. I’m excited to bring her. They also told me that if I have any of my own projects that I’m working on right now, I’m welcome to use their gear for it. I was blown away when they told me that. I’ll see if theres anything in my computer that I can possibly find to take advantage of that amazing offer.

So we’ll see what happens tomorrow. If the computer is looking better, I get to start coming in on my own and figuring everything out!

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