Day 29: Stepping Stones

I woke up this morning with a voicemail waiting for me on my phone. It was Robert Kral, who composes for Warner Brothers. He does a lot of cartoon work, as well as writing for Buffy, Angel and The Dresden Files. He was so busy over the last couple of weeks that he couldn’t get back to me. Danny Lux told me that Robert calls him every once and a while when he’s swamped, looking for new hires. If you remember our last conversation when he asked if I was looking for work, his voicemail had a couple new interesting statements in it. He wants to meet for lunch this wednesday somewhere in Manhattan Beach, which is halfway between me and him. So he told me to send him an email to confirm that I can come. But then he wanted to know how long left I had in my fellowship and what my plans were when the fellowship ends and he wanted me to email that to him. Now I have to wonder, why would he want to know those things now before we even meet? Those are pretty specific questions, so I can’t help but hope that maybe he’s shopping for new hires. It’s safe to say that I’m so excited for Wednesday to get here. After that great wake-up call, I headed into the studio to finish my mix.

CSI was filming a huge scene across the street when I got in. There were tons of crew and extras there so I wonder what they were up to. I’ve never seen a CSI so I have no idea what type of scene they were doing, but it was fun to watch for a bit. Once I got in, I started mixing. I must say that I’m feeling very confident with my SVU cues now and it feels good to start trusting my abilities. After the mix was done, these are my favorite cues yet. Mike was in the studio while I was there and he kept popping in to make sure I was having a good time and getting along okay. He was very busy today so we  couldn’t do a review. He’s got a meeting with Dick Wolf coming up and a bunch of other things going on, but it was so great of him to still take the time to check up on me. So if Dick doesn’t come in tomorrow, we’ll do the review then. If not, we’ll have to find another day because of my meeting with Robert on wednesday. Then after all that comes my main title. It’s starting to move fast now. I just hope it’s moving toward something starting for me. Either way, every day has been such a great day.

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