Day 27: Disneyland!

First things first. I heard from Brandon that the studio is back up and running, so all is well there. Tomorrow night I’ll be able to go in and finish my episode so I should have my final episodic review as usual on monday. Now for the day…

We started our journey at 9am (a time I’m not too familiar with). First we went to visit Lauren’s grandfather, who lives very close to Disney. Our GPS was kind enough to give us a route when we left right past Disney Studios, so that was a cool way to start off.

We stayed at her grandfathers for about an hour, had tea and some nice conversation. He was excited to hear how my fellowship was going and it was good to see one of my blog readers in person! Then it was off to Disney. We parked in the Woody lot, got our tickets and started our marathon day in Disneyland.

After acting like kids for a while we went and did everything. We did all the roller coasters and Finding Nemo and Indiana Jones; all the classics. There was live music everywhere and it was such a great day. Of course we did the Pirates of the Caribbean ride which I heard before coming today that Atli actually wrote the music for that ride after it was modified to include the movie characters, so that was really cool to hear his music in it. After dinner we wandered, did a few more rides and then got ready for the fireworks. It was the prefect night for them, and the music was fantastic and Tinkerbell coming out of the Matterhorn and the lights; it was spectacular. Definitely the perfect place to go to be a little kid again for the day. Here are a few pictures from today.

Me looking around at the great set design of the Indiana Jones ride

This is the final corner of the Matterhorn. It’s quite a cozy ride

Right before the fireworks

So today was perfect. Lauren has to go back to school tomorrow, so we’re taking a quiet day together until her plane leaves, then it’s off to the studio for me. The next couple weeks should be pretty packed with things to do at the studio so I’m looking forward to it. After that, hopefully a job will show itself and I’ll grab it.

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