Day 23: Spectacle

I went into the studio today and met with Mike, Dave and the SVU executive producer Randy again to spot the newest episode “Spectacle”. This is an intense and very different episode from normal SVU ones you see. Lot’s of music too. There are 14 cues in the whole show, and because the show is so different, Mike is going for a more traditional sound. It will still sound just like SVU, but he wants to go for more traditional instruments, like a normal piano, flute and strings, so that should be a real interesting thing to try.

After the spotting session I had to leave, but on the way out Coleen stopped me to get the ball rolling on my trip to BMI. There I’ll meet with an agent who will give me information on how to get a job and give me names and contacts for me to follow up on. Also, I need to bring my award in next week to get the picture taken with Mike for Film Music Magazine. Then I asked Colleen if Mike knew anyone at Disney. She knew one name on the top of her head and said she’d ask Mike if he knew more. She also said BMI would be a good resource for that. She also wants to get me to go out an meet some more composers, so she’s going to get me some more names. So looks like this week is shaping up to be pretty great. Good new music to write and new people to meet.

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