Day 22: Second Review

I went in to the studio today at 11am. Brandon and Dave were there working on the Law and Order main title. The producers still aren’t happy with the mix, so they’ve created 3 new versions of the song to send their way. Hopefully one of those will take. Once they did all they could, Brandon showed me about templates. It’s pretty complicated, but I’m beginning to understand it a little. The upside of everything is that the template they use for SVU is actually a full template just specialized for SVU. I can modify, add and customize it any way I want so I don’t need to build a new on from scratch. Mike had some meetings in the afternoon, so the three of us went to lunch and hung out in the studio, watched some videos and had a really good time. During that time, I also found out that I’m the only Pete Carpenter winner to get sent out to visit other composers, so I’m wondering how many firsts I’ll have before this thing is over. I feel like I’m getting this special treatment or something.

Then Mike came back and we had my review. This one was great. Here I was thinking that I wasn’t happy with the music. Then after I mixed it, I felt better but still unsure. This review went fast, and that was a good thing. First cue, in his words “Batting a thousand. Moving on” The trend continued. On the third cue, I got the best compliment ever. He told me he liked my cue better than the one he did that was used in the episode! So there that is. There were only a couple of cues he had notes for me on, and they were very minor. He told me none of my cues were bad. Then he looked over to Brandon with this very proud tone in his voice and said “The kid’s done the entire episode.” Turns out, I’m not supposed to be doing full episodes. Just a few cues from each one until the review, so he was very happy that I’m getting everything done. He’s going to give me one more episode to score because he thinks that after one more, I could do my own show no problem. After that, I do the main title, and then who knows what. Overall, great day and a lot of good news.

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  1. Christine E

    Wow Brenton! I just found your blog and this is AMAZING!! Just remember the little people who you made movies with in the good ‘ol days! hahah. Keep knockin their socks off!!


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