Day 20: The Importance of Mixing

I went into the studio tonight to finish up my episode. Turns out that I was ready to record the finished cues right after mixing. And here’s where the beauty of that lies. Mixing is when you balance all the individual instruments into the final cue so that your main instruments are clearly heard and your background voices are helping the sound, not overpowering. As I mentioned yesterday, I wasn’t sure how happy I was with the music, but now that it’s properly mixed together, and when I watched it with the video, I was extremely pleased. This one felt a lot more like a proper episode to me, and when I take a step back and watch it from a viewer’s perspective, the music starts to go away and helps the scene. That’s exactly what it’s supposed to do, so now I’m very excited to show this one to Mike.

Tonight for the first time, as I was locking up for the night, I had this little pang of sadness. I’m only three weeks into this experience; not even halfway, but it hit me that this is going to end. I’ve gotten used to this place, and even if I get a job, Mike Post’s studio is not my final resting place. It’s exciting, but the building and the people in it have really grown on me and treat me like I’ve been with them forever. It will be really hard to leave this environment in three weeks time. Until then, I plan to enjoy every moment and hope that I find myself in an equally great place in the near future.

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