Day 19: Finito

Tonight I finished my score for the newest SVU episode. There’s not a lot of music in this one. I tried to improve on all the things that Mike told me about during the last review. I change keys less often if at all, I incorporated more sound elements and really focused on counterpoint. I don’t know how happy I am personally with the music, but the point is to get out of my comfort zone, so even if this soundtrack isn’t as successful as the first one I did, hopefully the things I tried to improve on did get better. That way, I can take the new things that I did better and incorporate them into what I was already doing right the first time, and then I’ll have something really great. Tomorrow I’ll go in to the studio and do my mixing, and maybe add some finishing touches to the score and I’ll use sunday if I have to as well. Most likely monday or tuesday will be my review.

I had another idea today that I don’t know why I didn’t think of earlier (but better late than never). My goal is to get into Disney somehow. So I figured, why don’t I do some research on IMDB and get the names of a lot of the Disney composers for both film and TV? That way I can ask Mike if maybe he knows some of them. Even if Mike doesn’t, sometime soon I’ll be having a meeting with some of the folks at BMI who will also try to set up some interviews for me. Maybe they know some of them and can also set me up with a few of them. I figure what I need to do is get as many names as possible because even if I get 100 ‘no’s, all I need is one yes.

One thought on “Day 19: Finito

  1. Tom Briggs

    I’ve just caught up on all the days of your crazy adventure. It sounds like the opportunity of a life time and I am really happy for you. Although we all miss you, we do hope you get to fulfill your dreams. Keep up the good work!


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