Day 18: Techno

I went into the studio this morning and worked through the afternoon on my SVU assignment. I hunkered down and got halfway through. There was a new twist thrown in this one though. There’s a scene that has my first ‘SX Cue’ in it. An SX Cue is a Sound Effects Cue. It mean the music I’m writing is actually what the characters would be hearing in the scene, and for this scene, it meant . . . techno. The scene in question is inside a  clothing designers shop before a runway show, so they were playing the runway techno music you would hear before a runway exhibition. This was a perfect challenge to test my ability to write music I have no experience with, because at the end of the day, you have to write what the producers ask for or you don’t have a job. I’m pretty pleased with the results. Check back in a few days once I have the final mix and I’ll post it here. So after that I finished my half of the work and I plan on going in tomorrow to finish the second half. And that’s it. After tomorrow I start mixing and then I get my second review most likely on monday. After that, I believe it’s main title time. Until then.

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