Day 15: Hike Fail

Today was my last day of rest before the rest of the week explodes. First I took a walk around town. I hadn’t been out much this weekend so it felt good, especially in this weather. Last night I went to the studio to get the soundtrack I scored for my SVU episode. I’m going to see if there are any legal things I have to worry about, and if not, I’ll post one of the scenes I did. After lunch I drove to the base of the mountain to look for a hiking spot. At first I couldn’t find one so I took a drive to see all the huge houses build into the mountain.

That ladder on the left behind the tree is how you get from the garage to the house, the hills are so steep!

This house is a castle. There are turrets in the back and everything.

I found a park not long after that had some hiking trails. But these were legit trails that you need to be prepared for. They go up through the mountains and they’d kick your but if you weren’t ready. I wasn’t in the right clothes and had no water, so I decided to come back another day now that I know what I’m up against. Once home I burned the CDs for my meetings and laid low. Tomorrow is the day everything starts and I can’t wait.

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