Day 14: Few Words

So today I finally don’t have much to talk about. When you’re on the high of this experience, the adrenaline takes over but when you get a couple days to yourself you really notice how worn out you can get. It was really great to have these last couple days to sleep and recover and get ready for this wild ride starting on Tuesday. My only plan tonight is to go in to the studio and pick up my SVU soundtrack and get some CDs together. Other than that, it’s of to bed early. There’s still nothing for me to do tomorrow, so I think I may go on a hike and see what I can find around here.

The possibility of me coming out of this with a job is beginning to impact me. This weekend, with no projects for a couple days, it was easy to slip back in to  normal life/normal job mode, but that period for me could be coming to an end. It’s weird to think that in just two weeks I’ve been in the company of some of the most influential people in this industry and that if I play my cards right and work hard that I could be among them. So this is a make it or break it time for me. It’s not every day that I’m going to be handed a real chance to do what I love for a living. So here’s to this next week and I plan on making everything I can out of it.

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