Day 13: Demo

Today was extremely quiet and I needed that. I slept in as long as I could and then pretty much stayed in all day. I cleaned up the apartment and did dishes and caught up on some reading and work from home I’ve been meaning to do. Then I started choosing songs I’ve written to include in my demos for Atli and Robert. Atli is in the film world so I can submit orchestral works, and Robert deals with a lot of childrens shows so I want to include some of my younger-themed works. I’m including 2 of them here for you to listen to. Each is of a very different style tailored to who I’m sending it to.



This is the entire soundtrack for a short film called ‘Bubba’ made by Kenn Magowen, a member of SECT Film in Connecticut. So you have an idea of what the music is telling the story of, Bubba is the story of a young boy on a quest to collect and save up money. By the end of the film, we come to realize the boy is saving money to purchase a bone to put on the grave of his dog who recently passed away in order to gain closure. Maybe you’ll be able to picture how the story progresses based on the music. This piece will go to Robert.

      SITWD End Credits

This is the end credits theme to a short film called ‘A Step in the Wrong Direction’ written by Jason Costa (my brother if you hadn’t guessed) and made by the small film studio me, him and my father started about a year ago. This piece will go to Atli.

So that was pretty much it today. Tomorrow I will try to go into the studio to make my demo CDs and get the score I did to the SVU episode so I can have that on hand in case I’m asked for it.

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