The In-Lawfully Yours Soundtrack is now Available!

After a long wait, the soundtrack for In-Lawfully Yours is now available on all major platforms. Look for it on iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Tidal and Spotify (among many others)! Here are a few links to get you started.



Apple Music

Amazon Music


You can purchase the entire soundtrack for the film, which includes ‘All the While’ by Mary Morales, or you can get her song as a single.  For those of you interested in more music by Mary, visit her Facebook Page


Thank you all so much for all the support and I hope you enjoy the music!

The Soundtrack Arrives October 16!

The wait is nearly over! The soundtrack to In-Lawfully Yours and single, All the While will be released on Sunday October 16! It will be available through iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify and many more. Hard copies will also be sold through Amazon. Be sure to search the online stores next Sunday or check back on my site or Facebook page where I will be providing the links on where to find the music. Thank you everyone for following us on this journey and I hope you enjoy the music.


As a teaser for the release, here is one short song from the film, called ‘You’re the Pearl’


      You're the Pearl

The Soundtrack is Coming!

Thank you everyone for being so patient. I’m so grateful for all the interest in the music for the film. We have officially finished all the work necessary to distribute the music and should be hearing back soon when our release date is. Expect an announcement within the week for the exact date.

The music will be available on all major platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and so many that we haven’t even heard of! We will also have physical copies available on Amazon for anyone who would like to have a CD. The soundtrack will also include the original song “All the While”, written and performed by Mary Morales. We will also be releasing her song as a single. So stay tuned for the final details, but we’re on the home stretch!



Hey Everyone! InLawfully Yours is now available on both DVD and Netflix!


Check out the film and enjoy!

I’ve been getting a lot of wonderful questions regarding the music, especially where the song ‘All the While’, written and sung by the talented Mary Morales can be found. We are in the process of finding the right venue to showcase all the music from the film so keep checking back on my site and Facebook for updates. We should have some news very soon for you all!

InLawfully Yours Release

Hey everyone! I’m happy to announce that InLawfully Yours, the latest film I scored is coming to DVD on September 6! You can Preorder a copy here:

In-Lawfully Yours

I should have some other very exciting news to share about the film soon. In the meantime, check out this great article about the film and how it was made!

Corbin Bernsen Sheds Light On Faith-Based Films, Pacts With Pat Robertson’s Regent University On Movie


Inlawfully Yours

Last night was the screening of the most recent film I scored, Inlawfully Yours, a romantic comedy. It marks my 4th film with Corbin’s studio, Home Theater Films. This was an incredibly fun film to work on, and it was very exciting to see the film in its final form.


See the trailer here:

Inlawfully Yours Trailer


Accompanying me to the screening was my beautiful girlfriend Sarah and the very talented Mary Morales who wrote an original song “All the While” for the film. Before the film began, there was a panel with Corbin, the production team and the lead actors in the film.



As the composer, you rarely get to meet anyone involved with the production of the film (save the director and producer) because we’re one of the last steps in the process. It was really nice to get to meet the actors and writer, especially lead actress Chelsey Crisp. She absolutely makes this movie, and writing music was the easiest job I’ve ever had thanks to her performance.




The film was received very well, and we look forward to the premiere and full release sometime this fall. More updates to come!

Evolution of a Theme

With the panel behind me and the premiere of In-Lawfully Yours just a few short weeks away, I thought it might be a good time to pull back the curtain a bit and explain how we landed on the theme music for this film. During the panel, a question I was asked was “how do you deal with rejection?” It’s a good question because no matter how good you are, your music will be rejected at some point. In this film, the creative powers of the film had a different vision of what romantic comedy music sounded like, so it was a fun challenge to navigate multiple opinions and write something that works for everyone. The answer I gave at the panel was advice that the great Mike Post gave to me. He said the hardest job you will have as a composer is writing something that pleases both the folks who hired you and yourself at the same time. If you’re not happy with your own music, you haven’t done your job right. But, if you write something that pleases everyone, including yourself, then rejection is easy. Even if you had to write 10 versions, you were happy with each one, so it didn’t matter which they picked. That always stuck with me.


With this film, we didn’t land on the final theme right away. It took a few revisions. As you listen, you will hear certain parts from the previous version carry over into to the new one. We didn’t go back to the drawing board each time. Instead, we took the parts we like and evolved the theme into its next form until we landed on the final theme. (NOTE: These early drafts were not mastered and will be a little quiet. The final theme has been mastered and will be louder than the others.)


Draft 1: This was the first idea that popped into my head that I fleshed out into a demo for the production team.



The team liked the vibe, but wasn’t happy with the overall theme. They asked me to keep the mellowness and lightness but come up with something new.  However, the music from 1:24-1:41 made its way into the final movie anyway. Never delete anything! You never know when it will be needed.

Draft 2: New theme idea, new bouncy section highlighting my vision for what ‘comedy’ sounded like and new instrumentation.



This got us closer. They weren’t sure about this theme, but from 18-32 they really enjoyed. At 32 when the comedy area started, it was a maybe. On to a slightly modified version.

Draft 3: They asked me to mellow out the main theme, keep the segment they liked and try something new for comedy.



In the end, they decided that the main theme wasn’t working. The comedy they enjoyed, so they asked me to hold off on any more comedy and focus on the main theme. It really needed to fit the main character Jesse.

Draft 4: New main theme and crossed fingers.



And there it was. The production team was happy with everything! Slowly but surely, all the material they wanted evolved through these drafts into the final product. Here is a short finished track from the film so you can hear how it finally ended up.

Production-Ready Track (This one is louder)




I hope you enjoyed this look behind the scenes. As the film gets closer, expect more posts. Until next time!