Today I received an email from the guys I’m doing the Disney commercials for. They had just finished putting the video together for the second spot. Luckily, this one doesn’t have any copy written material in it so I can post it here. This looks like a really cool event. Soon I’ll be able to go backstage Disney and see the rehearsals before I write the final 2 spots, which I’m very excited about. here’s a link to the website for the event, which currently has that video on it.


As I mentioned last week, I decided to use the music from this commercial and extend it to 90 seconds for the ‘adventure’ genre submission for the fellowship. I have finally finished this piece today and I’m very happy with the result. I think this may be my favorite piece of mine I’ve written to date. It combines everything I have learned about mixing, balancing and composition I’ve been reading about recently. I feel it is also my most compositionally mature piece of music so far (there’s still a lifetime’s worth of things to learn). My music tends to be very sectional. What I mean by that is I write a musical segment and then switch gears to another. Sometimes that works great, but in the film world, music needs to be able to move and shift without the listener always knowing it. In this piece I tried to blend the different sections together better so that when there is a sudden shift, it really grabs you. I also tried moving my melody around in the middle of phrases so one instrument starts playing the line and trades it to another midway through. Overall I’m very excited to share this piece of music and I hope you all enjoy it. All that’s left after this is the ‘epic’ piece and I’m almost ready to submit my work. Expect some more updates soon, and without further ado, my adventure piece:




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