A Quick Little Addition

So tonight, Lauren, Ansel, Sarah and I went to dinner and saw Tangled again. Sarah hadn’t seen it and I was looking for any excuse to see it again to listen to the music with the film. Sitting next to me was this little kid, maybe about 9 or 10 years old. At first he looked like he didn’t want to see the film. He had a buzz cut and popular clothes on and didn’t look the type to watch a Disney princess-type movie. There’s this scene in the film where the characters end up in a market and there’s this folk dance song going on that turns in to this huge dance scene and there’s no dialogue and it’s fantastic; definitely one of my favorite songs in the film. I look over during this scene and the kid is leaned forward out of his chair, bouncing to the rhythm of the song. It was such a cool moment seeing someone that young latch on to a film soundtrack in that way.

I had this fantasy of what it might be like someday to write music for a children’s movie like that and to sit in the theater, listening to my music on a big screen and see a little kid bouncing to the music. It would be one of those things you would never forget. So soon I get on a plane and see if I can make that fantasy a reality.

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